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Fahrenheit has designed over 25 salons and colleges for one of the largest UK hairdressing franchises Francesco Group (FG), during a relationship of 10 years

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The Midlands based family group has developed a rich heritage of quality service in mainly town locations which required a friendly, welcoming and unpretentious design
using subtle colours and finishes. As with all hairdressing interiors, material of quality and longevity are instrumental to the success of each salon.

Fahrenheit worked with FG to produce a ‘Salon Bible’ as a guide for each franchisee to independently select the interior style and finishes with minor tweaks dependant on building character, location or personal preference.

Francesco Group’s support of local colleges in hairdressing training has also enabled Fahrenheit to be involved in ‘turn key’ refurbishment projects with nominated contractors at colleges including, Derby, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Q3, Arden School and flagship Printworks Academy as well as FG salons at Cheltenham, Chester, Stafford Church Lane & Lichfield Road, Tamworth, Streetly, Newcastle Under Lyme and Woodings Yard amongst many others.

Francesco Group’s sister company Scissors have also benefited from design services produced by Fahrenheit with a small twist on finishes and ambience

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