Benito Brow Bar

With over 20 successive design projects since 2009, Fahrenheit has developed a strong relationship with beauty service provider and retailer Benito Brow Bar Ltd

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As a ‘Brand Name’ in the cosmetics and beauty halls of Debenhams and House of Fraser throughout the UK, Benito Brow Bar are the market leader in their field and rely on Fahrenheit to design, manufacture, co-ordinate and manage each of their projects with our nominated sub-contractors.

Quirky, unique and a little bit retro best describe the concessions within each store which are individually tailored to suit the space available. Rarely are two store areas identical which allows for refreshing alternatives in finishes, appearance, style, retail / storage space and branding being distinctive for each and every concession.

Reporting in person to the Managing Director of Benito Brow Bar and gaining the company insight into each project, addressing expectations, timescales and budgets for the concessions are vital

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